Philosophy of 'Making'

Where to find my  FusionDeMaya  products in 2019

Galleries and Museum Stores
Peabody Essex Museum Shop, Salem Massachusetts
Gallery 6-1/2 Bridge Street, Padanaram Village, South Dartmouth Massachusetts
New Bedford Art Museum Store, New Bedford Massachusetts
Minnesota Textile Center Store, Minneapolis Minnesota
Guilford Art Center Store, Guilford Connecticut
Haute Enchilada Gallery, Moss Landing California

Fairs and Bazaars:

Cultural Survival Bazaar. Tiverton Rhode Island.  July 27 and 28, 2019
The Art Drive. artist open studios..Westport, Dartmouth MA. August 9, 10 and 11, 2019
Cultural Survival Bazaar. Cambrtidge Massachusetts  December 14 and 15, 2019
Minnesota Waldorf School Holiday Fair, St Paul Minnesota.  November 22 and 23, 2019
Minnesota Textile Center, Minneapolis Minnesota.  November 2019 thru January 2020

Truly one-of-a-kind production.
Fusion De Maya scarves are not woven on long production warps.
They are woven one scarf at a time on traditionally historic backstrap looms that can only accommodate one scarf at a time.
I enjoy continually designing new color striping and my Maya partners at the textile cooperative dye small quantities of bamboo yarn to match each of my colors.        Scarves are then woven by women in the workshop or out in their own rural villages.

I don’t sell on Etsy or from a website.  
My scarves are placed at a few galleries and museum shops across the country –

I care about creative choices and fair-trade support.
Contact me at: for more information!

My travels in Guatemala have been documented in an article I submitted to Hand/Eye Magazine:


> a Maya backstrap loom weaver working on a Puryear 'FusionDeMaya' scarf at a textile cooperative in Solola, Guatemala. 
I'm pleased to be one of their customers, supporting the traditional textile practices of the Maya women and I'm happy to report that their self-governed business is growing, their facility will soon be expanded 

 I often purchase napkins and kitchen towels from Manos de Las Crucenas, Santa Cruz  a town on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala... Napkins and kitchen towels are made from typical upcycled Maya 'jaspe' cotton garment (corte) fabric. This beautiful cloth is found in local markets.

Whimsical Art Pillows
These pillows started life as cunningly designed ladies hankies. Yes, I have collected women's handkerchiefs from the 50s and 60s. They are often signed by notable designers of the period.
I collage and layer exceptional handkerchiefs with other unique pieces of cloth, apply stitching embellishment and hand embroidery. My approach to textile collage is sensual, skillful and overall whimsical.

Handwoven Scarves, Shawls and Pillows from Guatemala

Fusion De Maya is the name of my handwoven fashion scarf and decorative pillow business. I am owner, designer and colorist. 

Newest scarves and shawls are hand-dyed bamboo and textured bamboo chenille.
My designs are handwoven on traditional backstrap looms at artisan textile cooperatives in the Highlands of Guatemala.

I travel to Guatemala annually to distribute orders and pic up completed products.

I am pleased to be associated with fair trade/fair wage textile cooperatives. My support provides indigenous weavers with income opportunities and also helps sustain Mayan textile traditions.

Installation views

Installation views
ARC Gallery. Chicago. ORDINARY WORDS Series (unframed pieces). SOUVENIR HANKIE Series (framed pieces). click image for CANTV interview link

NOTES FROM YOU Series. Artworks Gallery. New Bedford, MA


ANCESTRY-ADDRESS BOOK 1. Unframed. Size: 41” x 29.5”. One of five in series. Jacquard woven panel. Digitally altered address book image. Hand-embroidered embellishments. Digitally printed fabric “snapshots” of a 1950s school photo image and altered map sewn to surface.

SOUVENIR HANKIE Series. Four of eight pieces in series. Fuller Craft Museum. Brockton MA.


WRITIING LESSONS - SEAT OF GOVERNMENT. Framed size 22" x 22". layers of vintage handkerchiefs. Page from 19thc. penmanship practice book. Beads. Embroidery.


6" x 6" miniature. Six pieces in HAWAIIAN LANGUAGE LESSONS Series. Found text. Vintage handkerchief fragment. Hawaiian dictionary cuts. Beads and embroidery embellishments.


SOUVENIR HANKIE SERIES-GOTHIC QUARTER. One of 7 pieces in series. Found lace hankie, digitally printed map fragment, embroidery

SOUVENIR HANKIE SERIES - CAUTION. digitally manipulated printed image, vintage embroidered hankie. Framed size: 18" x 18".

WRITING LESSONS - SEAT OF GOVERNMENT. detail. Silk handkerchief. Pearl beads. Penmanship book practice page.